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Apartment, Vlissingen

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In Vlissingen with its famous streets and shopping streets where you can enjoy shopping and a drink and a bite to eat in one of the many cafés. The busy nightlife with all its brown cafés and clubs gives you and your friends plenty of options to spend the night.

Vlissingen has unique sights that are worth discovering. As the local tourist information (vvv) in Vlissingen for an overview of all the best / unique sights. Get away from the crowds and into the nature, this is also an option in the surrounding forest in Vlissingen.

The characteristic architecture you encounter all over Vlissingen is a trademark for this city. For those who enjoy a bit of culture there are various and diverse museums people can visit in Vlissingen.

From student to starter, from professional to 65 +! Vlissingen is for everyone!

Come to Vlissingen and get swept away!